Wellcome in Green Year

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What are the next steps?

Step 1: This idea is about limit consuption, which is not necessary. So, you will buy only things, which you really need, next year. You will put all your consciousness to you, instead to the shopping and watch changes. If you want to buy a new thing, put your conciousness to you, instead to the new thing by asking, why I need it?

Step 2: This is one year commitement. No one will watch you, it is your commitement and it is upto you, how you fulfill it. If you see, that you are no longer to fullfill it, you can come and cancle it.

Step 3: You can see the power of the comunity. If you send the invitation to your friends and they will join the Green Year, you will see the growing amount of your no-consumtion impact. If friend of your friend will join the Green Year, they will increase your impact too. And with other friends too.

Step 4: If some of your friends will cancle the commitement, only the days between start and the cancellation will be count as a Green Year time.

Step 5: Your commitement finishs in one year. You can start it again anytime. 

Important: You can see your data only. The data are used for your login and to link your friends to your impact. You can see an anonymous impact of your invited friends, because we want to protect your data and gard your commitement s your private decision.