My first impression of GREEN YEAR

My first impression of GREEN YEAR

The first meeting with Roman was a surprise. He asked me to create a web site for his project GREEN YEAR, the quest not to buy anything for one year.  He had not bought anything new for several months at this time. But he was well dressed and looked as a successful man!

He thinks that only we can change something about the environment. We cannot expect the solution to come from somewhere outside, but that it depends on our actions. He did not wait for someone to join him.

Some month ago, he decided to start the GREEN YEAR project. To inspire other people. He says, if he can do it, everyone can. And the more people can do it, the bigger effect will be. So now he is also subsidizing the GREEN YEAR project to bring this idea into the world.

The approach of reducing consumption is very close to me, so “Thanks Roman for taking me into this project!”


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