Once a challenge now a commitment

Once a challenge now a commitment

During last year’s World Energy Congress, two fellow Future Energy Leaders and myself had the opportunity to share our vision as part of the WEC24 closing ceremony. We shared an ambitious and courageous message inviting the incumbent leaders to act. They later reminded us how they expect that WE -the upcoming generation- is leading by example.

I thought I did! I measure my daily CO2 footprint impacts, decided to go closer to a vegetarian food regime, use the train as opposed to airplanes, take the bike more…However, I didn’t take a deeper look at my consumption behavior and impact at a global scale. Not until I had a very meaningful conversation with Roman who -knowing me well- came prepared with facts, figures, charts and all the info to show me how my bike ride was offset by a pair of jeans.

I accepted the challenge! I started a digital journal thinking there will be probably a handful of occasions where I would feel the pressure to walk away from a purchase; soon I realized that more than a challenge this is a commitment that helps me be a better human.

In the last 62 days I’ve found myself having this conversation with almost everyone I run into. I feel very happy to see more and more people get on board by being more conscious about the impact of their actions, even small decisions on a daily basis.

Thanks Roman and GreenYear community for the support and encouragement to leave this world a little better than we found it and be conscious  about our actions!


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